We bridge the gap between an in-house and outsourced tech team.

Access the best of both worlds.

We are a London-based company, first-rate at sourcing, placing and managing global engineering talent for global businesses, focusing uniquely on customised cultural fit.


Share your IT talent needs with our team in London


Review CVs from a selection of uniquely sourced software engineers


Interview and select your preferred candidate


Take your business to the next level

Meet some of our wonderful engineers

What our longterm clients say

We are a people-centric company. We live and breathe customer service. We are focused on building a bright future for our clients, the countries we hire in and our teams.

Ivy Recruitment

Sourcing the best tech talent from our extensive database spanning all over Europe to make sure your business has the talent it needs.


Ivy 360

A fully comprehensive service including screening, recruiting, hiring, contracting and payroll services. Integrating tech talent directly into your business. You manage the roadmap, we take care of everything else.


Ivy Hire & Give (Ukraine)

While we hire tech talent globally, Ukraine is Ivy Tech's birthplace and it has a special place in our heart and story. Now more than ever, Ukraine needs our support, and we encourage you to consider hiring Ukrainian talent. We have become specialists in screening, recruiting, hiring, contracting and payroll services. If you choose to hire in Ukraine with us, we will commit 2% of every invoice you pay as a gift to our partner orphanage in Kharkiv. More information about our “Hire&Give” program can be requested.

Ivy MVP Factory

A service tailored for early founders who want to build their first MVP. With our CTO and tech teams we can help you with technical decisions, roadmap planning and MVP build.

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Who we actually are?

We are a London based agency that builds remote software teams for Startups and small to medium sized businesses. We bring you the experience and feeling of your own in-house tech team with the benefits (but minus the headaches) of an outsourced team.

With Ivy Tech you will experience:

  • Fast talent access
  • Culture fit and outstanding technical skills
  • Reduced personnel costs
  • Dedication to your company, product and culture
  • Genuine account management
  • Contract flexibility
  • IP security

To all our clients we are a thoughtful, transparent and honest partner – and we’re fun too! 

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