Ivy 360 Recruitment

Why Hiring Software Developers is hard

What We're Doing About It

You manage the product roadmap and development process. We manage everything else.


We scout, assess and hire the right candidate for you from a global candidate pool.

HR & Legal

We set up contracts, and take care of tax, healthcare, pension & benefits.


All team members receive high quality hardware to fulfil their duties.

Account Manager

Regular check-ins with a dedicated account manager. We believe in trust & transparency.


We create a culture-first environment for teams to thrive in. Retention is our highest goal.


We put people in the centre of everything we do.

Who we actually are?

International software talent. Western European Management. Finding local developers can take too long, slowing your business growth. Ivy Tech can find dedicated developers of all levels and tech stacks worldwide within 40 days or less, saving you time and money.

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