What is a borderless tech team?

A hand-picked based on your requirements engineering team that can be located anywhere in the world, dedicated to your product with undivided attention.

What is tech outsourcing?

A business process in which a company contracts out tech functions or tasks to an external service provider. Outsourcing is often done to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and allow the company to focus on its core competencies.

Will I have unexpected costs when working with Ivy Tech?

No, we operate on a transparent pricing model, and you will know ahead of time what you’ll be charged each month.

What currency does Ivy Tech charge in?

All our invoices are issued in USD.

Why is this different from working with an in-house tech team?

Often enough, outsourcing is done to reduce costs and hold the technology function offsite to access a broader tech talent base. It also provides flexibility in scaling outsourced tech teams up and down quickly.

Can I buy out my Ivy developers?

You certainly can. We have facilitated several buyouts for our clients in the past. Usually, we allow such transitions after 1 year.

Why Ivy Tech and not other outsourcing companies?

It is simple. We are long-term partners, we are borderless, and the developers we source for your business are solely dedicated to you and your projects, meaning your developer only has one priority: you. Plus, you get access to talent anywhere in the world.

What are the different outsourcing services Ivy Tech provides?

We currently provide 3 core offerings:
- MVP Factory: targeted at early-stage founders and Startups to help them build their first MVP, including a clickable prototype on Figma, requirements documents and product delivery.
- Ivy 360: Our standard model works really well with Startups and Scaleups that have received a decent amount of funding (pre-Series A and up) and want to add a remote team function to their existing tech team. Ivy will take part in the recruitment aspect, the hiring and the ongoing HR matters such as payroll, health insurance, etc. It means our clients can enjoy the technical delivery of their borderless team members while Ivy takes care of everything else.
- Ivy Recruitment: This service is suitable for all companies who need external and cost-effective recruitment support in hiring software and mobile developers, QAs/testers, product managers, UI/UX designers, data analysts, DevOps managers and other IT professionals.
- Ivy Hire & Give (Ukraine): Although Ivy Tech is a London-based company, and we hire tech talent globally, Ukraine is its birthplace. Now more than ever, Ukraine needs our support, and we encourage you to consider hiring Ukrainian talent. We specialise in screening, recruiting, hiring, contracting and payroll services. If you choose to hire in Ukraine with us, we will commit 2% of every invoice you pay as a gift to our partner orphanage in Kharkiv. More information about our “Hire&Give” program can be provided upon your request.

How does Ivy Tech source its remote tech talent?

We have an extensive database of 10,000 plus candidates worldwide, meaning when it comes to profiling the right talent for you, we have first-hand pick of the right people for your business. We also use traditional job sites such as LinkedIn and local platforms. We take a custom approach when reaching out to candidates, increasing our chances of response rates.

What industries does Ivy Tech specialise in?

We work a lot with Startups and Scaleups in Fintech, Healthtech, Insurtech and other SaaS businesses, but we do not have limitations. Generally, any business with a tech function or tech team can use Ivy Tech’s services.

How does Ivy Tech ensure cultural fit in its talent placements?

Our screening calls start from our first touch point with our potential clients. We deal with Founders and C-level executives on a day-to-day basis; we absorb and understand the passion, so when it comes to matching culture, we make sure we understand the client first before screening candidates. Our initial candidate screening calls primarily focus on a cultural fit for our clients.

Is Ivy Tech limited to specific geographic regions when hiring tech talent?

No way. We are borderless!

Can Ivy Tech handle both short-term and long-term tech staffing needs?

We can indeed place candidates on a permanent, short-term, and medium-term basis. We can also place part-time or full-time engineers.

What kind of support does Ivy Tech provide during the onboarding process of remote staff and outsourcing?

Ivy dedicates an account manager to you and your team from hire to placement. We are available around the clock to deliver. You will receive a monthly report about your team and any matters we believe are important to your success. Our account managers are very personable and will call for regular check-ins.

How does Ivy Tech ensure the security and confidentiality of client information?

All contractors are held under NDA; we take your IP seriously and understand the risks associated. Therefore, our robust controls allow you to rest easy when it comes to managing your IP risks. The IP is handed to you contractually upon payment of the invoice.

How does Ivy Tech handle potential cultural and language barriers in cross-border collaborations?

It all starts with listening to what our client wants and what’s crucial to them. Based on that, we find remote team members that fit those criteria. We brief the clients as to what to expect in terms of cultural differences and how to overcome these. Our engineers are required to speak a high level of English and are clever in using tools to support their language skills.