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We have provided Ethic with a remote team of Senior Frontend Engineers (Angular). Being managed by the US-based Head of Frontend, they enabled high output, loyalty, and rapid delivery in deploying complex features for their platform.

Success Case

A dedicated remote Frontend team that lives and breathes Ethic’s culture and vision






2018. NYC

The Client

Ethic is a Series C-funded New York-based Fintech business that creates personalised sustainability solutions to help investors transition money toward companies that treat people and the planet with respect.


Ivy Tech initially hired two full-time dedicated developers in 2018 who are still working on the Ethic product today and have become an invaluable part of the engineering team, culture and company. After the initial success, a further 3 engineers were onboarded to the team.


We received a personal thank you from Ethic’s Head of Engineering at that time after closing the Series A in 2019: “All the hard work from both Andriys (names of developers) played an important role in building such a great product and putting us in a strong position for this fundraising.”

Ethic Today

Currently Ethic works with some of the largest wealth advisors, custodians and investment banks in the United States.

The Challenge

Ethic was preparing their product for the upcoming Series A at that time, which created a pressing need for speed, as well as a level of flexibility when it came to hiring. Securing local talent in less than 6 months in the competitive US job market in 2018 was difficult, and so was finding flexible yet committed employees. This case study delves into how Ethic overcame these challenges by harnessing global talent using a scalable remote team model.

Client Since

The Solution

Ethic turned to Ivy Tech for a swift solution. To quickly handle the demand for frontend expertise, Ivy Tech’s recruitment team sourced a remote team of Senior Frontend Engineers within weeks.

Ethic is a company driven by its values, and when hiring for these engineers it was not only the skillset of a senior hire that mattered, but also culture and value alignment. After the initial success of onboarding the first two hires, Ethic rapidly asked us to source a further three full-time dedicated candidates.

By that time, we had gotten to know Ethic’s company culture and way of working and had great success in scaling their team. This rapid team formation empowered our client to meet even the most stringent project deadlines and focus on closing their capital rounds, while we took care of the hiring and onboarding.


Our flexible contract would’ve allowed Ethic to cancel the contracts with their developers with only a 1 month’s notice period, which can be a life-saver for any startup when in the middle of a capital raise.

Ethic’s US-based Head of Frontend effectively manages the Ivy Tech team through daily stand-up meetings, workshops and initiatives that promote inclusivity and productivity. In addition to team assembly and management, Ivy Tech efficiently handles payroll, HR overheads such as holidays, insurance, taxes and contracts, team engagement, distribution of hardware, simplifying administrative processes and fostering a positive work environment. Partnering with Ivy Tech has allowed Ethic to scale their Frontend team at rapid speed, within budget and with very low risk.

The Result

Since integrating Ivy Tech’s dedicated team of five Frontend Engineers in 2018, Ethic has experienced a profound transformation. Ivy Tech’s developers have embraced Ethic’s culture and product and demonstrated exceptional output, heightened productivity, unwavering loyalty and deep trust. Their technical expertise facilitated the rapid implementation of intricate, top-quality features on Ethic’s platform frontend. This collaborative effort has been instrumental in propelling Ethic’s commercial growth, successful capital raises in their Series A, B and C, and ensuring seamless implementation of critical platform enhancements.

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